Football Traditions

Mean Green March

The Mean Green March is a parade including the Green Brigade Marching Band, North Texas Dancers, the North Texas Cheerleaders, and your Mean Green football team. The March starts at Traditions Hall and proceeds through Mean Green Village, culminating at the Apogee Stadium. The Mean Green March takes place two hours before kickoff as the team makes its final pregame preparations.


Every time the Mean Green take the field: Announcer & Crowd - "Heeeeeeeere come the Mean Green!"

Kickoff Cheer

Crowd stands with Eagle Claws extended and yells - "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" until the ball is struck, at which point the crowd yells "Mean Green!"

First Down

Announcer - "That's good for another Mean Green..." Crowd response - "FIRST DOWN!"


Green Brigade plays "Fanfare" after each Mean Green touchdown and the "Fight Song" after the extra point attempt.

Field Goal

Green Brigade plays the "Fight Song" after every Mean Green field goal.

Green Brigade Postgame concert

Mean Green fans are encouraged to remain in the stands as the Green Brigade Marching Band performs their traditional post game concert.

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