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Athletics - 2015 Directory
Name Position Number Email
Adams, Jamie Assistant Athletic Director, Marketing & Promotions 940-369-7169
Ashbaugh, Mike Senior Associate Athletic Director, Business Operations 940-565-2068
Austin, Samantha Assistant Director of Ticket Operations 940-565-3472
Bartolotta, Steven Assistant Athletics Communications Director 940-369-8329
Batchelder, Paul Senior Associate AD, Marketing 940-369-5056
Bekker, David Assistant Director - Student Services 940-369-7781
Capper, Eric Senior Associate Athletic Director, Athletics Communications 940-565-2476
Cloutier, Jennifer Director and Choreographer - North Texas Dancers  
Crerar, Andy Assistant Director of Facilities and Event Management 940-565-3656
Cudhea, Maia Academic Counselor / Academic Support Coordinator 940-369-7146
Czizek, Matt Assistant Director of Digital Media
Dickenson, Hank Deputy Athletic Director 940-565-3339
Farria, Shawn Assistant Strength Coach 940-369-8595
Fitzmorris, Lauren Director of Concessions 940-565-2847
Evans, Christopher Academic Counselor 940-891-6834
Ford, Cindy Administrative Assistant, Olympic Sports 940-369-8018
Gallup, Mike Equipment Manager 940-565-3676
Glover, Justin Assistant Director of Athletics Communications 940-369-8548
Grice, Derek Senior Associate Athletic Director, Facilities And Logistics 940-369-7644
Hairston, E.J. Associate Athletic Trainer 940-565-3192
Hardin, Mary Administrative Assistant, Football 940-565-3653
Harper, John Assistant Equipment Manager 940-369-3018
Hill, Dustin Director of Sports Medicine 940-565-2371
Hobbs, Scott Associate Athletic Director, Compliance 940-369-7507
Houghton, Taryn Administrative Specialist, Development  
Jack, Michelle Assistant Director of Compliance 940-369-8618
Johnson, Kay Student-Athlete Insurance Coordinator 940-565-3588
Johnson, Reginald Associate Athletic Director, Development 940-369-8268
Livas, Jaime Director of Digital Media 940-369-7406
McMullen, Rachel Assistant Director - Student Services 940-565-4404
Miller, Andrea Assistant Athletic Trainer 940-369-8431
Nagel, Nick Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities And Events 940-369-7643
Nichols, Laura Director of Mean Green Club 940-369-8916
Nitardy, John Senior Associate Athletic Director, Executive Director of Mean Green Club 940-369-7034
Popp, Jordan Assistant Director of Concessions 940-565-2968
O'Neal, Tracie Cheerleading Coach  
Peters, Zach Video Coordinator 940-565-3079
Phillips, Matt Assistant Director of Sales 940-369-8409
Pyke, David Director of Creative Web Design 940-369-5990
Richard, Clara Assistant Business Manager 940-369-7142
Riegle, Daniel Assistant Athletic Trainer 940-565-3650
Ruggini, Amy Assistant Athletics Communications Director 940-369-7980
Seroka, Chris Head Strength Coach 940-565-3657
Sheffield, Cinnamon Senior Associate Athletic Director, Student Services/SWA 940-565-3385
Smith, Michael Assistant Athletic Director for Development/MGO 940-565-3528
Spears, Kayla Coordinator of Marketing and Promotions 940-565-4563
Spraggins, Bryan Facilities and Event Coordinator 940-369-5944
Taylor, Troy Associate Athletic Director of Business Operations 940-565-3472
Trevino, David Assistant Strength Coach 940-369-7840
Villarreal, Rick Athletics Director 940-565-2789
Wells, Patty Director of Administrative Services 940-369-2789
White, Bonita Administrative Assistant, Basketball 940-565-3654

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