Daily Digs with Dudding: Final Thoughts

Dec. 9, 2014

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Hi everyone! It's Katie again, here with the inside scoop on @MeanGreenVB's news, play, and more. I am sad to say that this will be the last blog of the 2014 year, but that doesn't mean we won't have anything going on in the offseason! We played UTSA and UTEP in the last week of conference, finishing them both in three. It was a monumental way to end our successful season.

On Wednesday we left for the Conference USA tournament, but instead of flying we drove to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Eight hours later, around midnight, we arrived and got settled into our rooms for a good night's sleep before Thursday's activities. 

On Thursday we practiced, watched film over Southern Miss, and had a dance-off - yes, a dance-off in the meeting room of the hotel. We were separated into two teams and we had about 45 minutes to come up with a dance to perform in front of our "surprise judges." Each team had a significantly different strategy to win over the judges. One appealed to the musical taste of the not-so-surprise judges, and the other - well let's just say they had a very interesting approach. Unfortunately, my team did not win the contest, but we still got the prize in the end - ice cream. Everyone's a winner, right? 

#MGVB is settling in to its new home for the rest of the weekend #CUSAChamp

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, the first day of competition, we would face Southern Miss on their home court in Reed Green Coliseum. We knew exactly what we needed to do to advance to the next round, and we did just that. We took care of the Lady Eagles in 4 to progress into the next round of the tournament. 
Saturday was a quick turnaround for us; we played Western Kentucky that afternoon in the semi-finals of the tournament. Although we lost to WKU at their home the last time we played them, we were sure that we had matured and come together enough as a team to take over the Toppers. We knew exactly what to expect, but we did not execute our game plan as we should have to win that game. There were too many errors on our part and not enough competitive drive to win. We played our last game of the season on that day, losing 3-0. That one hurt, but all we could do was focus on the offseason and getting better. It was hard seeing the seniors play their last game that afternoon as none of us got the outcome we wanted, but I can tell you they regret nothing in this season.  The 2014 seniors have left Mean Green volleyball with something special. They have each taught us something different that we will use on and off the volleyball court. In particular, these girls have left with us strength and a passion for what they love. I personally am so thankful that I was able to play with this team, even though I couldn't contribute to their senior year on the court. The 2014 Mean Green volleyball team will forever be a family. Whether the older girls are with us or not, we can always call ourselves sisters, teammates, and we will be #CamStrong until the day we die. 



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