Daily Digs with Dudding: Week 10

Nov. 5, 2014

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Hi everyone! It's Katie again, here with the inside scoop on @MeanGreenVB's news, play, and more! 
#ICYMI: Last week's post took readers along with our team through three big birthdays (mine, @NTCoachPali, and Amy's!), a sweep of the C-USA Florida schools, our 75th win at the NTVB Center, and our annual kids clinic! Come see where our journey took us this week!


As always, Thursday was our travel day, but this time I was extra excited to hit the road because we were flying to one of my favorite airports, the Nashville International Airport! We have made some great memories in Tennessee as a team! For example, during year's conference tournament hosted my Middle Tennessee, we had the opportunity to become "Nashville stars" by singng karaoke one night downtown together. This year, once we arrived in Murfreesboro later that night, we worked hard in a highly competitive practice to prepare for huge Conference USA weekend. Things got intense.



BOO! Friday was filled with all sorts of Halloween fun! We played in a very exciting and nerve-wracking game, but lucky for us we had a few tricks up our sleeve on the way to the treat! We decided to all dress up for this game so we had a variety of characters on the floor ranging from the uni-brow girl from the movie Dodgeball (McKenna/Chelsea), Miley Cyrus (Hanna), a painted skull face (myself), or the popular rap artist RiFF RAFF (Amy). It took all of us a few extra minutes to get ready, but no one played their part quite like Amy did. During the game, she collided hard with Holly, which resulted in Amy getting a black eye. So in addition to the crazy cornrow hairdo and teardrop next to her eye, she sported a black eye that suited her character perfectly. Fortunately, even through all the wackiness, we came out with HUGE hard-fought five set win over Middle Tennessee. There was little time to celebrate, and no time to trick-or-treat, as immediately following our game, we loaded up the vans for a four hour night drive to Birmingham, Alabama.



Since we arrived at our hotel late in the middle of the night, @NTCoachPali let us sleep in a little longer than on usual Saturday mornings. Once we woke up we headed down for a big breakfast and then went on a walk in the brisk Alabama air to make us alert and get in a mindset for a film session. Shortly after finishing the scouting report, we headed to UAB's arena for practice. Knowing how important our next match would be, we made sure to put in some good work before a fun team bonding night ahead. Pali treated us to a fun and yummy eating experience at the hibachi restaurant that across the street from our hotel. After dinner, Lululemon was calling our name so naturally we just had to head to the nearest shopping center. From #MGVB staff to players, we are all a tad bit obsessed with this particular store, at least I am for sure! After spending more money than we probably should have, we all headed back to the hotel to get in a good night of rest in preparation for one of the biggest matches of the season the next day.



Under the bright lights of a big arena, we came out strong and ready to play--ready to dominate our opponent from start to finish. We outplayed an outmatched UAB squad from start to finish and came out with a convincing 3-0 win against the Blazers. It was a quick match and we were in and out of Bartow Arena in less than 2 hours. Just the way we like it; get in, take care of business, and get out. When you work hard and take care of business you get rewarded, and this time our reward was clinching a berth in the 2014 Conference USA Tournament!

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