Daily Digs with Dudding: Week 9

Oct. 28, 2014

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Hi everyone! It's Katie again, here with the inside scoop on @MeanGreenVB's news, play, and more! 
#ICYMI: Last week's post took readers along with our team through a week of rollercoaster emotions. The team laid Cami's mother to rest at her funeral together, then fell victim to an upset at home to Charlotte before hitting the road to take down LA Tech for the second time this season.  @NTCoachMac had his North Texas football team wear pink wristbands with the initials of Cami and her mom on them in support during Saturday's game.

Thursday was special because we had two birthday's within our #MeanGreenFamily! So birthday shoutout to MYSELF and  @NTCoachPali!

Friday night's game was a big one for the Mean Green, as we topped the fourth ranked team in Conference USA, Florida Atlantic, in four sets. After dropping the first set, we were able to get in a groove and start rolling from there. Our middle blockers played a fantastic game, and our defense looks more improved with every passing match. In practice lately we have been focusing primarily on defense and making hustle plays, and it definitely showed this week! This game really had the crowd going which gave the six on the court energy to feed off of. The atmosphere was great and made the game a lot of fun to watch. It was huge to pick up a win on #MeanGreenFamily night with so many loved ones and other North Texas athletes in attendance! 

On Saturday morning we had a light practice just to go over the scouting report of FIU tendencies and tweak a few of our weaknesses here and there that the coaches noticed from the night before. All while looking fabulous of course! We all looked fantastic in our pigtail buns that Cami suggested!

Don't want none unless you got buns hun

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Later that night, our families accompanied each of us to @NTCoachPali's house for a big potluck dinner! It was great to get everyone together as a big family and enjoy each other's company over a delicious dinner. Our eyes grew wide at the sight of a colossal amount of food and dessert; us volleyball girls sure do love our food! 

On Sunday morning we ate breakfast as a team at Sidewalk Café, one of the #MGVB`s favorite places. After we got some food in our stomach to start off the day, (as if we had any room after the potluck) we were off to the gym again for a film session and a walk through. While we were putting in work in the gym, Momma Wendy was in the volleyball offices preparing snacks for us before the game. She made us custom smoothies with a choice between strawberry banana and tropical flavors, and we also had the option of adding almonds, cashews, or pumpkin seeds as well. After re-energizing our bodies it was time for our traditional dance party before pregame warm up. Chelsea always DJ's; although she might play the worst songs on the planet, we dance to them anyways. It's tradition.

We entered this weekend with a goal of dominating the state of Florida and we came out and did just that. We rolled through FIU in 3 sets, with authority. It seemed like we relit the fire inside us that we had at the beginning of the season when we rolled to our best start in program history. We are regaining our swagger back in perfect timing; we currently hold our second longest win streak of the season, with only six matches to play.
After the victory, we were happy to see a large group of children stay afterwards for our annual free clinic. All 15 #MGVB members stayed after and helped coach the little ones. It was a great time, we love kiddos! We hope we get a chance to coach some of them again in the future one day! That reminds me...
Don't forget that North Point Volleyball Club try-outs are soon! Check out www.northpointvbc.com for more info!

Ta-Ta for now!




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