Mean Green Volleyball Center Is Ready For 2006 Season

DENTON (5/18/06) - The North Texas women's volleyball team opens its home schedule on Tuesday, Sept. 5 and will play TCU in a new facility, the Mean Green Volleyball Center. The Mean Green will also be playing on a new court, which was just completed.

The court was completed with a few final layers of sealer. For the last month, the court has been sanded down, coats of sealer were applied, lines were painted and North Texas logos were placed. The center already has a Mean Green feel to it. Last summer, all the blue in the gym was changed over to green.

The volleyball team already has coaches' offices and a locker room that are in us at the Mean Green Office and Gymnasium Complex. The team can walk straight from its locker room to its new court. Previously, the team played at the Snake Pit located on campus and had its locker room in the Super Pit.

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