Student-Athletes Honored At Scholars Celebration

DENTON, Texas (5/14/09) The University of North Texas held the third annual Mean Green Student-Athlete Scholars Banquet this past May. Thirty-one student athletes, not including freshman, were invited to attend.

Each of the student-athletes fell into one of three categories based on their current grade point average- Platinum, Gold and Silver. Athletes with the highest cumulative grade point average for their team were given the Green Eagle Award.

The Mean Green swimming team led the way with eight representatives, including Kelly Gordon, who posted a 4.0 GPA.

Tennis player Rachel Wilhelm received the Gayle and Virgil Strange Award, which honors the senior with the highest grade point average among all teams.

Platinum Club- 4.0 UNT GPA
Gordon, Kelly- Swimming/Diving
Wilhelm, Rachel- Tennis

Gold Club- 3.8-3.99 UNT GPA
Hall, Amanda- Soccer
Jackson, Amber- Women's Basketball

Silver Club- 3.5-3.79 UNT GPA
Anderson, Sallie- Women's Track
Bradshaw, Courtney- Softball
Booth, Katy- Soccer
Cantler, Mallory- Softball
Delka, Kellie- Women's Track
Dworschak, Anegla- Swimming/Diving
Hart, Shayla- Women's Track
Harvey, Ashley- Women's Track
Hudson, Lauren- Swimming/Diving
Hurst, Gennifer- Soccer
Joubert, Amy- Tennis
Littleton, Laura- Swimming/Diving
Lowry, Katie- Swimming/Diving
MacKenzie, Shannon- Tennis
Mangrum, Collin- Men's Basketball
Nelson-Wulff, Kim- Swimming/Diving
Richards, Halli Jo- Women's Golf
Rose, Jordan- Women's Golf
Shepherd, Shauna- Women's Field
Smith, Isaiah- Football
Squier, Weston- Football
Strong, Patrick- Men's Track
Turner, Andrew- Men's Field/Track
Tuttle, Kristen- Swimming/Diving
Tyler, Alana- Women's Field/Track
Weiss, Elizabeth- Swimming/Diving
Whittley, Kyla- Women's Golf



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