North Texas Tennis Team Wraps Up Metroplex Mania

Nov. 3, 2013

DENTON, Texas - The North Texas tennis team wrapped up the fall season hosting the Metroplex Mania in doubles and singles play against TCU, UTA, Tyler Junior College, and Collin County Community College.

“We improved each day and had the opportunity to see our players step up and compete at higher spots,” said head coach Sujay Lama.

The Mean Green went 2-1 in singles today with wins from Ana Sofia Cordero (7-5; 6-0) and Dane Joubert (6-0; 6-0).

“This fall has been challenging dealing with several injuries,” said Lama. “Our goal is to get healthy this offseason and be ready to compete at a high level when we return to play in the spring.”

The Mean Green will begin the spring season at the Tulsa Invitational, Jan. 11 through the 13. 

Friday, November 1
UNT/Colin County vs. TCU/ Tyler Junior College
Nichols/Arantekin (TCU) def. Joubert/Valenzuela (UNT) 8-5
Savva/Reynaud (TJC) def. Thoma/Cordero (UNT) 8-3
De Wet/Johnson (TJC) def. Wessels/Gilson (CC) 8-6
Bulgakova/Sharapova (SMU) def. Gehre/Thoms (UTA) 8-2
Erkeeva/Elliott (SMU) def. Rios/Tugarinova (UTA) 8-4
Dishkova/Verner (SMU) def. Birowski/D’Ortona (UTA) 8-0
UNT/Colin County vs. UTA
Elizabeth Thoms (UTA) def. Alexis Thoma (UNT) 6-1; 6-4
Astrid Gehre (UTA) def. Agustina Valenzuela (UNT) 6-3; 2-6; 7-5
Jessica Birowski (UTA) def. Ana Sofia Cordero (UNT) 6-0; 6-2
Giada D’Ortona (UTA) def. Dane Joubert (UNT) 6-1; 6-2
Angeles de los Rios (UTA) def. Clorinda Wessels (CC) 6-1; 6-1
Ekatarina Tugarinova (UTA) def. Amanda Gilson (CC) 6-4; 6-3
SMU vs. TCU/Tyler Junior College
Millie Nichols (TCU) def. Dasha Sharapova (SMU) 6-1; 7-5
Seda Arantekin (TCU) def. Yana Erkeeva (SMU) 6-2; 6-3
Hristina Dishkova (SMU) def. Hanna Victorrson (TCU) 6-0; 4-6; 6-1
Joanna Savva (TJC) def. Macie Elliott (SMU) 6-4; 1-6; 7-6
Holly Verner (SMU) def. Kylie Reynaud (TJC) 6-3; 6-0
Christine Foote (UTA) def. Ashleigh De Wet (TJC) 3-6; 6-4; 6-4

Saturday, November 2
UNT/Colin County vs. SMU
Joubert/Valenzuela (UNT) def. Gehre/Thoms (UTA) 8-4
Rios/Tugarinova (UTA) def. Thoma/Cordero (UNT) 8-6
Birowski/D’Ortona (UTA) def. Wessels/Gilson (CC) 8-3
UTA vs. TCU/Tyler Junior College
Bulgakova/Sharapova (SMU) def. Nichols/Arantekin (TCU) 2-2 default
Dishkova/Verner (SMU) def. Savva/Reynaud (TJC) 8-5
Erkeeva/Elliott (SMU) def. De Wet/Johnson (TJC) 8-3
UNT/Colin County vs. SMU
Dasha Sharapova (SMU) def. Alexis Thoma (UNT) 6-1; 3-6; 6-2
Agustina Valenzuela (UNT) def. Anna Kate Anderson (SMU) 6-1; 8-6
Yana Erkeeva (SMU) def. Ana Sofia Cordero (UNT) 6-2; 6-2
Hristina Dishkova (SMU) def. Dane Joubert (UNT) 6-3; 6-1
Macie Elliott (SMU) def. Clorinda Wessels (CC) 6-2; 6-0
Holly Verner (SMU) def. Amanda Gilson (CC) 6-1; 6-2
UTA vs. TCU/Tyler Junior College
Elizabeth Thoms (UTA) def. Millie Nichols (TCU) 6-1; 6-2
Giada D’Ortona (UTA) def. Joanna Savva (TJC) 7-5; default
Angeles de los Rios (UTA) def. Kylie Reynaud (TJC) 6-2; 6-0
Ekatarina Tugarinova (UTA) def. Nicki Johnson (TJC) 6-0; 3-6; 6-3

Sunday, November 3
UNT/Colin County vs. SMU
Bulgakova/Sharapova (SMU) def. Joubert/Valenzuela (UNT) 8-6
Erkeeva/Elliott (SMU) def. Thoma/Cordero (UNT) 8-6
Dishkova/Verner (SMU) def. Wessels/Gilson (TJC) 8-3       
TCU/Tyler Junior College vs. UTA
Gehre/Thoms (UTA) def.  Savva/Reynaud (TJC) 8-1
Rios/Tugarinova (UTA) def. De Wet/Johnson (TJC) 8-1
UNT/Colin County vs. TCU/Tyler Junior College
Millie Nichols (TCU) def. Alexis Thoma (UNT) 6-1; 6-2
Anna Sofia Cordero (UNT) def.  Kylie Reynaud (TJC) 7-5; 6-0
Dane Joubert (UNT) def.  Nicki Johnson (TJC) 6-0; 6-0
Dasha Sharapova  (SMU) def.  Elizabeth Thoms (UTA) 5-7; 6-4; 6-3
Yana Erkeeva (SMU) def. Astrid Gehre (UTA) 7-6 (7-5); 7-6 (7-5)
Hristina Dishkova (SMU) def. Angeles de los Rios (UTA) 6-3; 6-2
Macie Elliott (SMU) def. Ekatarina Tugarinova (UTA) 6-2; 3-6; 6-1
Anna Kate Anderson (SMU) def. Giada D’Ortona (UTA) 5-7; 7-6 (7-4); 6-1
Holly Verner (SMU) def. Verena Scott (UTA) 6-3; default



North Texas Mean Green