Off The Board With Allison Crites

Oct. 6, 2016

Name: Allison Crites

Class: Junior

Event: Diving

Hometown: Lubbock, Texas


Behind the Blocks/ Off the Board


How does Denton differ from your hometown?

Denton is not that different from my hometown of Lubbock, Texas. Both towns are big college towns. The main difference is the weather.   In Lubbock we have haboobs (dust storms) and in Denton we have to take cover often for severe weather.  Denton seems to be an older town than Lubbock too.


Who or what got you into the sport?

I had a friend that I had been doing gymnastics with for several years. He started diving during middle school.  When I was headed into middle school I thought maybe swimming would be a good sport for me.  He convinced me to try diving instead.  Diving seemed to be the perfect sport for me as I had been a power tumbler for most of my life.  I tried out for the team the end of my 6th grade year and began diving that summer and have been diving ever since. 

Favorite event to compete:

My favorite event is the 1-meter springboard.  It is the perfect height and it is where I feel the most comfortable.



Event you hope to never compete:

The event I hope to never compete is 10-meter platform.   I would rather stay on the lower boards a little closer to the ground.

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming season?

The thing I am looking most to about this season is getting to compete with my second family.   I love seeing how everyone improves not only as an athlete but as a person.  I also am really looking forward to conference. It is the final meet of the season and is where you get see everyone competing at their best.

What is your favorite sport to watch during the Olympics?

My favorite sport to watch during the Olympics is diving, however, gymnastics is a close second.  It is really cool to see people that I have competed against in the past compete on the biggest stage against the best in the world.

Who is your team family?

I would have to say my team family is the diving team.   We spend so much time together that they really have become my second family.  They keep me sane through all of those practices when I just need someone to tell me ‘you can do it’ or helping pump me up before a meet. Without them I would have not survived my first two years at UNT.

Do you have a hidden (or not so hidden) talent?

My talent is not really hidden to most of my teammates and family. I can do gymnastics. I can do flips on pretty much any surface and have been able to for most of my life.


If you could trade places with one person, who would it be and why?

If I could trade places with anyone it would be 2008 Olympic gold medalist and motivational speaker Shawn Johnson.  Ever since I was a little girl I have looked up to her. I think it would be really cool to have the opportunity to trade places with someone that so many younger athletes look up to.


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