Behind The Blocks With Deneen Carter

Sept. 29, 2016

Name: Deneen Carter
Class: Junior
Event: 500 fr, 200 fr, 100 fr
Hometown: Bedford, Texas

Behind the Blocks/ Off the Board

How does Denton differ from your hometown?
Denton has a very unique group of people with its own personality. It’s a place where people normally just drive by but on the inside it has some very interesting places. People here are also very friendly and construction seems to never end. Denton will probably be different everytime I return.

Who or what got you into the sport?
My best friend Theresa got me into the sport, and watching the Olympics really made me decide I wanted to become better at the sport.

Favorite event to compete:
I enjoy competing in the 200 free because it’s a long sprint, and your strategy can really make a big difference to how well you do.

Event you hope to never compete:
200 fly.

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming season?
I’m excited to see what our team can accomplish. Every year we've improved tremendously. So I guess I most excited to see our progress this year.

What is your favorite sport to watch during the Olympics?
Swimming and sand volleyball.

Who is your team family?
The Royals- Emily, Katie and Kelsey

Do you have a hidden (or not so hidden) talent?

If you could trade places with one person, who would it be and why?
Natalie Coughlin. To complete at her level would be amazing and to get to travel the world by doing something you love would be fun. Plus she is a good role model to look at when it comes to things outside of swimming.

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