North Texas Student-Athletes Improve Academic Progress Rates

The swimming and diving team led the way for Mean Green teams with a multiyear score of 996.
May 28, 2015

DENTON - The NCAA released its most-recent Academic Progress Rate (APR) data Wednesday and North Texas student-athletes continued to perform very well. Six North Texas teams recorded a perfect 1,000 score in the single-year data (2013-14) which is up one from last year and more than any year since the inception of the APR report.

Eleven of North Texas' 16 teams showed improvement in the multiyear APR, which covered a four-year cohort beginning during the 2010-11 academic year and ending in 2013-14. One team recorded the same multiyear score and four teams had a slight decrease. The swimming and diving team led the way for Mean Green teams with a multiyear score of 996, followed closely by tennis (992) and volleyball (990). Football showed the biggest improvement and also increased its multiyear scored for the fifth consecutive year, jumping up 16 points to finish with a multiyear score of 970. It was the first time ever the football program has had a multiyear score above 955.

The average single-year score for North Texas' 16 teams in this report is 985.5, which is also the highest single-year average since APR data began being collected. Men's cross country, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis and volleyball all had perfect 1,000 single-year scores for the second consecutive year. Men's golf was the other team with a perfect 1,000 in the latest single-year report. The single-year score of 987 for football was also an all-time best.

The APR is the NCAA's measurement of academic success that aims to give a real-time snapshot of athlete retention and advancement over a four-year period. The NCAA mandates a four-year aggregate score of 900 as acceptable for each sport. This year's report measures the 2010-11 through 2013-14 academic years.



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