North Texas Athletes Continue Academic Improvement

North Texas athletics teams continued an upward trend with 11 of the 12 teams holding steady or showing improvement from last year's report
Oct. 28, 2014

DENTON - The NCAA released its most recent Graduation Success Rate (GSR) data Tuesday and University of North Texas athletics teams continued an upward trend with 11 of the 12 teams holding steady or showing improvement from last year’s report. It is also the highest cumulative GSR score for the entire department since the inception of the program. The most recent GSR information is based on the four freshmen classes in that entered school from 2004 through 2007. It allows a six-year window in which student-athletes can go on to earn their degree.

“Academic success is our priority and we are pleased with the Graduation Success Rates that our teams produced this year,” said Director of Athletics Rick Villarreal. “I want to thank the student-athletes, our coaches and especially our academic staff that work so hard to get these type of results. I am especially proud that nine of our 12 squads improved from a year ago with the majority of those teams exceeding a graduation rate of 85 percent As has always been our goal, we will now set our sights on raising the bar even higher.”

The overall cumulative GSR of the entire department was a 78, up three points from last year and the highest it has ever been since GSR data collecting began with the 1995-98 cohort. It is also 10 points higher than the cumulative GSR of Mean Green athletics just four years ago, which reflected the 2000-2003 cohort.

The Mean Green softball team led the way for all North Texas teams with a GSR of 95, which is an 8-point improvement from last year’s report. Volleyball (93), tennis (91) and men’s golf (90) also had GSR scores of 90 or above.

The GSR was developed by the NCAA as part of its academic reform initiative to more accurately measure the academic success of Division I student-athletes by better accounting for the many different academic paths followed by today’s college students. The NCAA also released the most recent federal graduation rate data in conjunction with the GSR information. The GSR holds institutions accountable for transfer students, whereas the federal graduation rate does not. The GSR also accounts for midyear enrollees. The NCAA calculates the federal graduation rate for student-athletes because it is the only rate by which to compare student-athletes to the general student body.

For more information and access the NCAA GSR searchable database, click here


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