Mean Green Softball Volunteers With Upward Basketball

DENTON, Texas (10/22/09) - For the second straight year, the North Texas softball team demonstrated their basketball skills as they participated in a community service project earlier this week with Upward Basketball.

On Monday, Oct. 19 and Tuesday, Oct. 20, members of the Mean Green softball program volunteered as assistants for Upward Basketball evaluations held at the First Baptist Church of Denton's recreation center.  With large groups of boys and girls ranging in ages from first through sixth grade, the softball team assisted the kids in completing various basketball skills, including dribbling and shooting. The basketball players were later divided into equally-skilled teams. 

"We knew they would need the help and were happy to do it, especially since we helped last year and already knew what to do and what they needed," said senior Rebecca Waters. "We also wanted to help again because of how much fun it was. It's been a great experience for us as a team, and hopefully the kids we interact with during the evaluations." 

Upward Basketball is a church league for children in the Denton community. It is an organization where kids can just play and have fun. The main focus isn't winning, but playing with good sportsmanship.



North Texas Mean Green