Rupp Returns To Outfield For Mean Green

DENTON, Texas (9/30/11) - Outfielder Megan Rupp returns for her senior season with the North Texas softball team. She is one of four returning outfielders and the only starter from the outfield coming back from last season. She has played in all but five games the last three years and moved over to centerfield in 2011 after starting her career in left field.

Rupp is one of the team's fastest players, standing in second in career stolen bases with 30. She is also one of the top defensive players with a career fielding percentage of .982. A native of Beaverton, Ore., Rupp is the only North Texas softball player to hail from the state of Oregon.

Rupp sat down for a question-and-answer session following practice this week.

Anything different about fall practice this year?
"This year we have decided to start later in the season. Right now, a lot of teams like Texas A&M, who we play soon, it will be their last weekend when we play them for our first game. The past couple years we have been holding fall practice the same time, and now we are starting off later. Right now, we are just doing individuals and getting our hitting ready and next week we start team practice."

How does it feel to be one of the few returners from the outfield?
"It's different because last year we had so many outfielders and seniors. It's really weird because you look to the left and right and there's different people. I have to get used to working with the new people. It's going to take time. It's different being the only senior out there."

Last year, you moved from left to centerfield. How do you like playing in the center?
"I like the freedom. The centerfielder gets to control the outfield. I like having that freedom of if I know I can get the ball, I can call it off. Instead of in left field, you have to listen to the centerfield, so if you think you can get to it, you can get called off. There's more space to run around. It's fun."

Do you have any goals for this year?
"I really want to make all-conference. That's been the goal the whole time I have been here. Hopefully, I can get my hitting more consistent. Then for the fall to improve on my speed and my hitting. That way, I will be ready for the spring."

How have the football games in the new stadium been?
"It's been awesome. It's the coolest stadium to be in. Everyone is there. It's a great atmosphere. The whole school is finally coming to games. Now that the football team has won, it's even more fun.

Because we lost the first game, we  were thinking that no one would show up for the next game, like they would in previous years, and seeing everyone there on Saturday to root them on was different but totally awesome. That's what the football team needs. They need that big crowd. It's just like any other sport. The big crowd is a lot more fun to play in front of. You get more amped up for it."

What is your major? Do you have any career plans?
Marketing. I just joined the Sports Marketing Association that we have on campus. That would be my ultimate goal to go into sports marketing or anything in the field of sports. That's my main goal. I want to use my degree to do advertising, more on the creative side.

If there was a freshman coming in from Oregon, what advice would you give them about living in Texas?
"I would tell them it's a total 180 from home but it's really easy to get used to. Everyone here is welcoming and friendly. It's very easy to adapt to. The weather is a little more difficult but you get used to it. Softball-wise, the team is great. You come in and have friends right away. You have people to support you so it makes the transition a lot easier."

Any observations on the upcoming season?
"The outfield will be young. That is the whole team in general. We only have five seniors and three juniors. We are going to be a young team, new experience and I think it's going to be a lot of fun."



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