Student-Athletes Take Part In Seminar

DENTON, Texas (9/14/12) - North Texas student-athletes took part in an open discussion forum with a well-respected speaker Thursday night in the club level of Apogee Stadium. The event was part of an NCAA-mandated seminar, that examines such topics as alcohol abuse, drug use and sex.

The North Texas athletic department's academic advisors were thrilled to bring in highly-respected speaker Elaine Pasqua, who spoke in depth about the importance of making informed and educated decisions during their time on campus.   

"I thought the meeting tonight was great," said Jackie Miller, a softball student-athlete. "Our speaker made an otherwise awkward topic so much fun and kept everyone's attention. We learned a lot of health facts and suggestions that I think everyone should apply to their lives. I really enjoyed the speaker, and I would highly suggest her coming back to work with us next year!"

Since 1997, Pasqua has been presenting programs about the negative effects of high-risk behaviors to thousands of students at over 450 colleges and universities across the United States. Her passion is to prevent students from altering their life goals as she has seen many lives that were changed by one inconsequential decision.



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