Two Of A Kind

April 28, 2017

DENTON – No matter where the North Texas softball team goes, freshmen Lindsay and Lacy Gregory are guaranteed to be asked the same exact question they’ve heard for the last 18 years.

Are you twins?

“We’ve always been known as the twins,” Lindsay said. “From t-ball we came as one pick, and since then we’ve been the twins that played the middle infield, or the Kingwood twins. Even on the recruiting trail we were known as the Gregory twins.”

Yes, the identical twins looks alike, but if you take the time to get to know them, you realize how different they are, and each believes they differ from the other in a particular way.

“Lacy seems to be the more tame kid,” Lindsay said with a smile. “I seem to be described as the wild child of the bunch, so that’s the biggest difference.”

“Lindsay is more of the outgoing one, but once people get to know me, I’m more open with them,” Lacy said.

Hanna Rebar, a fellow freshman on the team, might know the twins better than anyone else, as she rooms with the two of them. The difference she noticed is that Lacy is more of the mom type and always makes sure others are taken care of.

Before Wednesday’s game against Texas, the one Lacy was making sure was taken care of was Lindsay after she left her turf shoes in their dorm. Though Lacy was a little frustrated with her younger sister of eight minutes, she made the trip back to their dorm, grabbed her shoes and bolted to make the bus just before departure.



Though different, they have similarities and, according to Rebar, they love their naps. Lacy confirmed that, but wishes Lindsay would skip on hers for a particular reason.

“I love my naps,” Lacy said. “I don’t like it when Lindsay naps because she gets a little cranky.”

On the field, they couldn’t be more similar. The two play with a passion and love for the game that can’t be taught. Each time they cross the white line and take the field they play as if it’s their last game, and every time they score a run the duo does the same pop-up slide with a clap.

It isn’t just the little things they do the same. Across 49 games, the twins’ numbers are eerily similar.

Lindsay is hitting .324 with 46 hits, 10 doubles, three home runs, 20 RBI and has scored 17 runs. Lacy, a .322 hitter, has 47 hits, nine double, six home runs, a team-best 33 RBI and 19 runs scored.

This isn’t the first time their numbers have been in line, and a desire to best each other makes for friendly competition between the two.

“It’s very weird, but it has always been that way,” Lindsay said. “One of us has never really trumped the other one. Part of it is that we are so competitive with each other and we aren’t going to let one get too far ahead.”

Competiveness is always on display with the twins and was never more apparent in the series against Florida Atlantic from April 22-23, as the Gregory twins helped lead the Mean Green to two victories. In game two on Saturday, Lindsay tied the game with a two-out single to left field and, not to be out done, Lacy hit a walk-off single to secure the 3-2 victory. On Sunday, Lacy’s two-run home run proved to be the difference in the 2-0 victory.

One opportunity they have seldom had this season is being able to play the middle infield together. Lacy has made the bulk of her starts at first base and designated player. Because of that, the duo has started at the middle infield positions less than a dozen times.

That’s something Lacy hopes to change.

“I liked learning a new position because it opened more opportunities for me, but if I can earn the opportunity to play in the field next year it would be great for us because we love playing together,” Lacy said.

Earning playing time is something both take pride in. They don’t expect anything to be handed to them and the duo is a major reason why the Mean Green are on the verge of clinching a berth to the Conference USA tournament in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

A series win this weekend against Louisiana Tech in Ruston, Louisiana, would punch the Mean Green’s ticket to the tournament. The series begins on Saturday with a doubleheader beginning at 1 p.m.

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