Mean Green Soccer Faces WKU At Home On Sunday

Sept. 30, 2016

North Texas vs. WKU
Sunday, Oct. 2
1 p.m. l Denton, TX
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DENTON - When Taylor Torres was looking at colleges to attend, North Texas was at the top of her list. Not only was it a good school that was close her home in Frisco, it also had a successful Division I soccer program.

One of the deciding factors was that UNT was in close proximity to her sister, Bobbie. Her older sister by three years, Bobbie plays soccer at Texas Woman's University, a university also in Denton.

The two are not only sisters, they are the closest of friends, talking about everything under sun, but not limited to soccer, school, friends and boys. They live down the street from one another, text and talk every day and spend most nights together, doing homework, and attempting to cook.

"I was so happy when Taylor decided to go to the University of North Texas," Bobbie said. "Just knowing that my sister was going to be in Denton meant a lot to me. With me at TWU and Taylor at UNT just five minutes apart, we are able help each other with anything and spend time together. I really like how we are able to support each other at our home soccer games."

Taylor is a 5-foot-3 inch forward who is just as comfortable dishing out the assist as well as scoring goals. The sophomore has netted two goals and plated three assists this season after being named to the Conference USA All-Freshman Team last year. Bobbie is a senior defender for the Pioneers, which are off to a 5-3 start.

The Torres sisters come from a soccer family. Both their parents grew up playing soccer, and passed their passion onto their children.

"We played in middle and high school together," Taylor said about playing with her sister. "We connected really well on the field. We played on the same side since I was forward and she's a defender. I loved playing with her."

"It was and still is fun playing soccer with Taylor," Bobbie said. "When we were younger we used to kick the ball around in the house and break things. The best times were in high school. I remember my senior year, we were both on varsity and we had a secret hand shake before every game. Soccer has always been part of our lives ever since we were five years old. It has taught us to be the best and earn the respect from your team and coaches. Playing soccer has made a big impact because it plays a big role in our education and going to school."

They are very supportive of each other's soccer careers. When their schedules don't conflict, the two will attend each other's homes games, along with a crew of immediate and extended family traveling from Frisco.

"She comes to my games when she is able to, and I go to her games when I am free," Taylor said. "Bobbie had the idea of making these stick figures of my head, and my family had them at my last game."

"Taylor may be the younger sister but, I continue to learn from her," Bobbie said. "Watching her play for North Texas has been amazing. I love her speed on the field and how she connects her passes with her teammates. Sheis  tough and aggressive for her being 'little Tay.'"

The Torres family made an agreement prior to this season, that when the two play on the same day, the family will watch whoever plays at home. When both Taylor and Bobbie play at home on the same day, the family will stay at their home in Frisco.

Last week, the Torres family was in Denton for Taylor's home game against Marshall. The following day, it was Bobbie's turn to play at home across town.

During the week, the sisters will get together after their soccer practices for dinner. 

We love to cook dinner together," Bobbie said. "When we don't cook, it's funny how we drive around and listen to music until we agree on somewhere to eat. We sometimes call our mom and dad to ask 'where should we eat' and all they do is laugh. Sometimes we sneak out in the middle of the night for ice cream or snacks."

Taylor and the Mean Green are back in action on Sunday, Oct. 2 when North Texas faces WKU at 1 p.m. Both teams are 2-0 in conference.



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