Catching Up With Koubiteb

DENTON, Texas (10/17/07) Just over one month ago North Texas senior forward Lyza Koubiteb got a call that most people dream about. She was called on by her country to play basketball for the national team in the hopes of qualifying for the 2008 Olympic Games. After playing for her native country, Cameroon, in the African Cup we had a chance to visit with Koubiteb to see what kind of experience she had.

What was it like when you found out that you were going to have a chance to play for your country on such a stage?



“I was extremely excited when I found out that I was going to play. To go and play for your country at such a high level was almost one of those things you just think isn’t going to happen. I was a member of the junior national team, but to get to play for the national team was such an honor.”

You weren’t given a lot of time before you had to get overseas, how difficult was the travel?



“I found out early in the week that I was going to play and I left to go back on Wednesday and had to play the next day. It was really hot when I got over there and the conditions were pretty difficult but I had played in those conditions before so I was able to adjust.”

How different is the international game from college basketball?



“It’s a big difference. Over here in college basketball you are use to the way things are and then over in the international game it’s totally different. In college everything is very passionate and structured, in the international game there is lot more freedom.

Cameroon pulled off one of the bigger upsets of the tournament in defeating Congo. What was that like?



“It was great when we beat them because we had lost early in the tournament to Nigeria and we really got up for that game. They were a team that we really wanted to get.”

What did you take away from your time representing your country?



“Confidence, I really feel more confident and feel like I can express myself more on the basketball court now than before when I went over  there.”

What did you miss the most while overseas?



“Everything, the food, the people, all of it!”

If you could tell people one thing about your country, what would it be?



“I would tell everyone about the unity of the country and the people of Cameroon. They are all very close to each other and work together. We are also a very honest group of people.”








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