VIDEO: C-USA Women's Basketball Media Tipoff Broadcast

Oct. 13, 2016

Wednesday, North Texas head women's basketball coach Jalie Mitchell was in Irving making her rounds at the C-USA Media Tipoff. Below are some quotes from her interview with ESPN3.

On Returning To Coach At Her Alma Mater:
"It was pretty awesome. I don't think I could have started my head-coaching career off any other way. This is my dream job. I love North Texas. I will always bleed green and I'm very happy they chose me to lead the program."

On How Much She's Taken From Karen Aston:
"I've taken a ton. I probably couldn't even write it all down. But sometimes it just comes to me at different times. I'll say something or do something that I did as an assistant under her. And I'll respond the way she did or see why she did some of the things she did. It's pretty awesome to have a mentor -- a former boss -- that is incredible and really implanted a lot of seeds. I was very fortunate to learn from her."

On What Were Some Of The Major Positives And Lessons Learned From Last Season:
"Really, just sticking to your guns. It might not always go your way but as long as you're doing something you believe in and you're keeping that fuel and fire and your players are doing exactly what you ask of them at all times and never letting up. I think that is a big deal. When you start up a program and change a culture I think that's the most important thing you can do. That every rule and thing you set in place stands. And that goes for everybody. It's different being the head coach and managing all the players and all the staff but I enjoy it and I love my job. And I wouldn't want to do anything else."

On How Much She Challenged The Players Last Season:
"I'm a true believer in hard work paying off. I think that's the case no mater what you're doing. The thing for us last year was to work hard. And I think every single of the Conference USA coaches we played said the same thing at the end of the game -- win or lose -- it was "your players play extremely hard." And that was a complement for me. Just because, I think even when the season isn't going your way you can get discouraged and get down but I was very proud of my players for their ability to bounce back after some things. We went through a little lull where we really learned a lot from the adversity and taking Ls. But I think it helped us in the long run. We bounced back in the conference tournament. We got a win -- first Conference USA tournament win for North Texas -- so I think we laid the foundation for things to come."

On OU Coach Sherri Coale Complementing North Texas:

"It feels amazing. But we wouldn't have come out of that game with a win without our team believing. They believed they could win and they did everything we could possibly do to come out on top. I was really proud of them. They always play hard and their energy was there. But they believed in each other and they worked as a team. And that was the one game where we did just about everything right. But for North Texas that was the first time we had beaten a ranked opponent so it was a big time win for our program."

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