Learning From The Game

July 25, 2017

DENTON -- As colleges began to recruit Brittany Smith, there was one characteristic she looked for in a team more so than any other.

A family.

Smith wanted to be around a group of women and coaches who supported her, shared the same values and gave her a feeling of safety. She wanted this not just so she could continue to be a better basketball player, but she wanted to go to a program where she felt she could continue to grow into a better woman.

"Family gives you a type of love that nothing else can," Smith said. "It allows you to do things that you wouldn't be able to do without the support from your family."

Growing up in Houston, Smith always had her family around. She believes it taught her about love and the importance of having a structure around you that fosters your well-being.

After graduating from Spring High School in 2015 and being named first team all-district, Smith attended South Plains College in Levelland, Texas, 30 miles west of Lubbock.

At South Plains, Smith was named 2017 Western Junior College Conference Defensive Player of the Year and WJCC First Team All-Conference. She led the Lady Texans to the second round of the 32-team NJCAA Tournament and a 28-6 record.

"The team and I were successful because there was that sense of family," Smith said.

But basketball has helped Smith off the court too.

"Playing basketball builds character," Smith said. "It allows one to realize that there are no limits."

"Basketball is the reason I am the woman I am today," she added.

The game has shown Smith not just the right crowd to keep or how to hold herself to a higher standard, but also how to deal with adversity and leadership.

Smith explained the parallels between basketball and life. How no matter who you are you will face difficulties in life and have to find a way to overcome them. Furthermore as a point guard, Smith is the conductor of the team and is responsible for guiding them through the adversity.



"For the next two years at North Texas I want to improve on the things I will need after I graduate, such as leadership, dedication and passion," Smith said. "Things that will make me a better woman."

Smith has been on North Texas' campus for only a few months, but she firmly believes she is in the right place to accomplish all of her goals on the court and to continue to grow as an individual.

"The values and support my parents and basketball have given me has allowed me to have the opportunity to be a great woman and also be grateful for everything I have in my life," Smith said. "Because of that, I am able to know right from wrong, have a strong personality and be successful."

North Texas Mean Green