#First44 Day 42: Best Spot on Campus

May 21, 2015

Mitchell was named head coach of the North Texas women's basketball team on April 9, 2015. Between moving back to Denton, getting to know the team and beginning to operate the Mean Green program, Mitchell will be very busy early on in her tenure. We want to give fans an in-depth look at her #First44 days on the job in the form of a 44-part series that will run from April 10-May 23.

Through four years as a student-athlete, three years as an assistant coach and 42 days as a head coach at the University of North Texas, Jalie Mitchell has been around the Denton campus quite a bit. Her favorite spot on campus is the scene above, under the trees at the Library Mall, looking through the fountain and towards McConnell Tower.

"This view is incredible and brings back so many memories," she said. "To the left of this fountain is Willis Library, where I spent lots of hours studying. To the right is the student union, which was the food and social stop. You could hang out and eat or just spend some time catching up with friends before your next class."

She continued, "But the main reason I love this spot is because of McConnell Tower and how the top lights up green whenever any sport gets a win. There's a great deal of pride felt when you can look up there and know that your team is responsible for making that happen. I plan on seeing a lot of green in the coming years."



North Texas Mean Green