Thank You Mom

May 14, 2017


There are no words to describe what you have been to me.

A teacher, provider, mentor and friend.

You worked so hard to make sure my siblings and I lives were better than yours and for that I am beyond grateful.

This day is especially for you so enjoy it!

Love you dearly, Mom


Tosin Mabodu and her family
Tosin Mabodu and her family


Dear Mommy,

Where do I start?!? I love you beyond words. Today is your one day and the rest are mine =) just kidding.

I'm so thankful to call you MINE. There are millions of mothers out there but none of them can compare. You've helped steer and guide me to become the woman I am today, never quitting on me and continue to mold me for the future. I hope I'm making you proud! I look up to you knowing you had three GIRLS. I know that's not easy. All of us running around, I'm surprised you're not bald yet. There have been hard times and you've stayed strong with a smile as if all was good, making everyone comfortable. I always get compliments on my smile and I get it from you! Seeing how you implement God in your life more gives my sisters and I no other option but to follow seeing where you are and heading to. I can keep going, but I just want you to feel like the special woman you are. My number ONE! Thank you for being you.


Your First Born (T)

Tyara Warren and her mom
Tyara Warren and her mom LaKeshia



I want to not only say Happy Mother's Day of course, but also want to thank you for every single thing you have done for your kids and family. You are strong, smart, and oh so fun in multiple ways. I am truly happy to call you my mom and much more. You are honestly the strongest woman I know and I am proud of what you have done with starting your own businesses and prospering. You got this! I love you so much and have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

Madi Townley and her mom Raquel
Madi Townley and her mom Raquel



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