#First44 Day 33: Destined for Destin

May 12, 2015

Mitchell was named head coach of the North Texas women's basketball team on April 9, 2015. Between moving back to Denton, getting to know the team and beginning to operate the Mean Green program, Mitchell will be very busy early on in her tenure. We want to give fans an in-depth look at her #First44 days on the job in the form of a 44-part series that will run from April 10-May 23.

Every year, Conference USA holds its spring meetings in Destin, Florida; a beautiful spot about an hour west of Pensacola. Being a new head coach in the conference, Jalie Mitchell is currently attending her first meetings in Destin and is making the trip well worthwhile.

"I've met a lot of great people the last couple days and learned a ton about Conference USA," Mitchell said. "The ideas in our head coaches meetings are phenomenal and I look forward to us implementing them as we continue building the Mean Green women's basketball brand."

Joining Mitchell at the Conference USA meetings are director of athletics Rick Villarreal, men's basketball coach Tony Benford, football coach Dan McCarney and senior women's administrator Cinnamon Sheffield. The five had a fun time checking out the photo booth (see above) after business was taken care of during the day.

"It has been awesome being able to spend time with our athletics staff," she continued. "There is, and has always been, a family feel at North Texas. That was a huge part of my decision and is what made coming home easy for me."



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