#First44 Day 5: So Long, Longhorns

April 14, 2015

Mitchell was named head coach of the North Texas women's basketball team on April 9, 2015. Between moving back to Denton, getting to know the team and beginning to operate the Mean Green program, Mitchell will be very busy early on in her tenure. We want to give fans an in-depth look at her #First44 days on the job in the form of a 44-part series that will run from April 10-May 23.

Jalie Mitchell spent April 14 down in Austin, wrapping things up at Texas. After the drive down, she had lunch with her former staff members and a see-you-later (not goodbye) gathering with the Longhorns women's basketball team. In such a memorable and emotional day, it would probably be best for her tell to the story herself...

"The opportunity I was afforded at Texas taught me so much about life, people and change. We came into a program that needed a solid foundation, and although the rebuilding process wasn't easy, it was more than worth it.

"These young ladies have blessed me tremendously over the last three years and I'm grateful for every single moment spent with them. Watching them grow each day and achieve their goals has made me so proud. They have touched my life in many different ways and I'm appreciative of my experiences coaching them.

"Today was a tough one, but if nothing else it reminded me why I do what I do. I built some great relationships there and I will always root for the Longhorns when they aren't playing the Mean Green. From my heart to theirs, thank you to the staff and the young ladies who gave us their all every single day. And thank you especially to Chris Plonsky and Karen Aston. It was an amazing ride.

"Keep showing the world how it's done. I love you all and I will see you at the Final Four. Anything less is unacceptable!"



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