#First44 Day 1: Return to the Super Pit

April 10, 2015

Mitchell was named head coach of the North Texas women's basketball team on April 9, 2015. Between moving back to Denton, getting to know the team and beginning to operate the Mean Green program, Mitchell will be very busy early on in her tenure. We want to give fans an in-depth look at her #First44 days on the job in the form of a 44-part series that will run from April 10-May 23.

Welcome Home Jalie!

Jalie Mitchell's first day, of course, included a trip over to the Super Pit. As a player, Mitchell enjoyed a 42-4 career record there, but had not returned since a recruiting trip around town in early 2013. She entered through Gate A and turned left into the basketball offices. As an assistant coach a few years back, Mitchell used to occupy one of the first offices as you walk through the glass doors. But as head coach, she continued straight ahead to find a surprise greeting on the front of the far office.

The Super Pit staff, many of whom have been at the job for a number of years, had welcomed Mitchell by designing her door with a "WELCOME HOME JALIE!" sign and ribbon around the outside. The culprits were Steve, Doug and Cecil, regulars around the facility since before Mitchell played for the Mean Green from 1998-2002.

"It was pretty cool to come in and see that they put that up for me," she said. "As I was sitting in there meeting with players, staff and managers, they all came in one-by-one to hug me and tell me, 'Welcome back home!'"

Mitchell was also taken aback by the hanging scoreboard, which was installed before the 2013-14 season. She got a set of keys to the building and the offices, as well as some new gear from head manager Kelby Jones. Mitchell was very excited to be wearing "Mean Green" once again.

The staff plans to give Mitchell a fresh coat of paint on the office walls before she can go in and decorate the room to her liking. She has a few ideas floating around for how she wants it to look, but will take on any suggestions from fans.


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