Exceeding Her Own Expectations

Feb. 21, 2018

DENTON — This past summer, head Mean Green women’s basketball coach Jalie Mitchell sat down with her leading scorer Terriell Bradley to discuss expectations for the coming season.

As the two talked, Mitchell came clean.

She told Bradley that she thought she could average 20 points per game — seven more than what she averaged the year prior.

“I didn’t say much to that,” Bradley said. “But my first thought was ‘wow that sounds like a lot of work’ and ‘no way can I do that.’ I thought I was more around a 13 to 14-point per game player.”

With four games remaining in the regular season, Bradley has exceeded her expectations and is on the cusp of meeting Mitchell’s goal by averaging 19.2 points per game for the entire season and 21.7 points per game in conference. 

Furthermore, she has set herself up to finish the year with one of the best offensive seasons in school history and to be the first North Texas women’s basketball player to be named first-team all-conference since 2003 while also leading UNT to one of its best seasons in recent memory.

“She’s an extremely confident young lady on the floor,” Mitchell said of Bradley. “I don’t think she ever doubted herself, she just needed to get a little more comfortable.”

“For her to accomplish all the feats that she has in just her second year is amazing,” Mitchell added.

Bradley’s amazing season hit an all-time high on February 8 when she led the Mean Green to the program’s largest road victory by scoring a career-high 32 points and making nine-straight 3-pointers, one off the NCAA record.

Following the game as the team bussed back to the hotel, she called her roommate Tosin Mabodu. As the two talked about the game, Bradley never once mentioned to Mabodu that she had not only scored 32 points but made nine-straight 3-pointers.



She just said, “I had a pretty good game.” 

“That’s classic Terriell,” Mabodu said. “She’s pretty low-key. She’s quiet and doesn’t make a big deal about things like that.”

Quiet and low-key is also how you could describe her game. 

“You’ll look up at the scoreboard and be caught off guard by how many points she’s scored,” Mabodu said. “We all definitely believe she can get buckets better than anyone else, it’s just quiet how she goes about it. 

“She scores 32 points and goes on with her day like it’s no big deal and that’s what’s expected,” Mabodu added. 

Bradley does earn quite a few points at the free throw line, which can contribute to her “quiet” game. One hundred and twenty-two of her 461 points so far have come at the free throw line. She’s made 91 more free throws than the next most on the Mean Green and taken exactly 100 more free throw attempts than the next most on the team, which is comparable to last season. 

However, even though her free throw numbers are around the same from last year, Mitchell said she’s actually done a better job at expanding her game and making it less physical.

Something she and Bradley talked about in their meeting this summer.

“She’s now shooting that open jumper and open 3-pointer and knocking that down so she’s even more tough to guard,” Mitchell said.

What fans might be most surprised about is that shooting is something Bradley claims she works the least on. She says it’s a more mental part of her game and something that has come easier to her, especially as this season has progressed. 

“I’ve really grown to be in-tune with my shot,” Bradley said. “I know what’s wrong when it’s off and I know how to fix it. I’ve had really good coaching and they’ve told me enough times now that fixing it is pretty simple. For me, understanding my role and getting comfortable on the court has been most important.”

Bradley has already made 24 more shots and specifically 14 more 3-pointers this season than she made all of last year, but it’s the efficiency that she’s scoring them at that has her both impressed and proud of herself. 

Bradley is shooting a ridiculous 53.1 percent from deep in conference play. 

If her overall 3-point field goal percentage holds, it’d be a school-record and would be a 15 percent increase from last season. Additionally, her current 42.7 percent overall field goal percentage is one of the best in Conference USA and is a six-percent increase from last year. 

“My efficiency has definitely been the most impressive thing this year,” Bradley said. “How easy the points are coming is probably the most surprising.” 

Bradley has scored 20 or more points 15 times this season and eight times in the last 10 games. 

On February 10 at Florida Atlantic, Bradley finished the game with exactly 20 points but only had four at halftime.

Following the game, a UNT administrator told Bradley he was concerned during the game that she wasn’t going to reach the 20-point expectation that everyone has become accustomed to. 

“Come on, you should know me by now,” she said with a smirk. “You know I’m good for at least 20 points a game.”

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