Football Suites

Suites inside of Apogee are a great way to entertain friends, family, and business partners during the North Texas football season.

Suite - Includes:

•    20 Tickets
•    5 Reserve Parking Passes (option to purchase additional Red/Blue reserve lot passes)
      o    4 Number reserve passes (2 Green, 1 White and 1 Black)
      o    1 Reserve lot (Red/Blue)
•    Soft Drinks and Water
•    Food and Alcohol (Optional to purchase)

Suite Lease Options:

•    Seven year, Five or Three lease options
•    Stadium Fund Commitment - $100,000.00 (upfront or payable over the term of the lease)
•    Mean Green Club Donation
      o    Seven (7) year lease option - $135,500.00
      o    Five (5) year lease option - $99,500.00
      o    Three (3) year lease option - $55,500.00
•    Tickets (20) - $5,000.00
Note: Ticket prices could increase as much as 7% in year two and three under the three (3) year lease option. Under the five (5) year and seven (7) year options, the ticket prices will not increase during the first three years of the lease agreement and cannot increase more than 10% during each of the remaining years of the lease.

Suite Rental - Single Game Pricing:

•    Price $5,500.00 per game
      o    Includes
            •    MGC Donation ($1,750)
            •   20 suite tickets
            •    5 reserve parking passes (option to purchase additional parking)
            •   Soft drinks and water
•    Catering Options (additional)
      o   Food and Alcohol
            •   Mean Green Concessions menu
            •    Verde Complete Catering menu
Note: Current suite owners and University departments, colleges and units will receive a 20% discount on the price of a single game suite rental ($4,400.00).

To lease a suite, purchase a suite one for a single game or receive more information contact John Nitardy at (940) 369-7034 or (940) 703-4544.

North Texas Mean Green