NCAA Releases Graduation Success Rate Scores

DENTON, Texas (10/15/08) Several North Texas athletic teams earned impressive scores in the Graduation Success Rate (GSR) Report released Wednesday by the NCAA. Seven of the eight women’s teams achieved GSR scores of 75 percent or better.


“Overall we are pleased with our data and feel that we compare very favorably with our counterparts at similar schools” said North Texas Director of Athletics Rick Villarreal. “In evaluating our academic development we balance this information with other integral factors and we are confident that we are on the right track.  We fully understand that there is room for improvement and we continue to emphasize the importance of academic success.”


The most recent Graduation Success Rates are based on the four freshmen classes in Division I that entered school from 1998-99 through 2001-02. They allow a six-year window in which student-athletes can go on to earn their degree.


The Mean Green’s tennis team led the way with a 100 percent GSR score. Also achieving high GSR scores were women’s basketball (89 percent), women’s swimming & diving (86 percent), women’s volleyball (80 percent), women’s soccer (78 percent), women’s golf and softball (75 percent).  The softball GSR reflects just the student-athletes who started their careers at another school during the 1998-2001 cohort and finished their careers at North Texas. 


The women’s teams also compared very favorably to their counterparts in the Sun Belt Conference.  With its perfect score, the North Texas tennis team tied for the top score in the conference.  Women’s basketball and swimming & diving also graded very high among Sun Belt teams, ranking third.  Golf was the top scoring men’s team for North Texas, achieving a score of 78 percent. Compared to other Sun Belt schools, the men’s golf’s team was tied for third in its respective sport. Football and men’s basketball scored a 58 and 65 percent respectively in the GSR, which is slightly above the federal rate in those sports at 56 and 54.   


The NCAA also released the most recent federal graduation rate data in conjunction with the GSR information.  The GSR holds institutions accountable for transfer students, whereas the federal graduation rate does not. The GSR also accounts for midyear enrollees.  The NCAA calculates the federal graduation rate for student-athletes because it is the only rate by which to compare student-athletes to the general student body.  


All seven of the women’s sports achieved a GSR score higher than its comparable federal graduation rate.  On the men’s side, only golf and track and field had a GSR score below their comparable federal graduation rate.   


The Graduation Success Rate was developed by the NCAA as part of its academic reform initiative to more accurately assess the academic success of student-athletes.  This year marks the sixth year that GSR data have been collected. The NCAA began collecting GSR data with the entering freshman class of 1995. The latest entering class for which data are available is 2001.


For the complete data regarding the GSR, please visit the official NCAA web site






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