In the Huddle with... Brad Kadlubar

In the Huddle is counting down the days to kickoff against Texas in the season opener on Sept. 4!  With 3 days remaining we have begun a new feature called "In the Huddle" where you can get the inside story on your favorite North Texas football player.  Each day leading up to the season-opener a different Mean Green football player will be highlighted on  We're not talking X's and O's with your favorite players, we're getting the scoop on their personal life and what they really think of their teammates!  Come back each day for insightful information like what is Adrian Awasom's guilty pleasure... or who does Andy Brewster consider to be the worst dressed teammate!  Today's spotlight is on...   


Brad Kadlubar  Punter  5-11  198

 Senior Ennis, TX


First Pet   When I was in 2nd grade we took a fieldtrip to the pound and I found out what happened to the dogs that weren’t adopted, so my mom took me back later and I got two black dogs


Who would play you in a movie   I wouldn’t want him to play me, but some people say that Jeff Bridges off Dumb and Dumber could play me


Biggest phobia   I am afraid of drowning, but I love the water, so that is kind of weird


Who would you take in a cross country trip? Nick Bazaldua and Denis Hopovac. We are all so different. I am loud, Nick is quiet and Denis is just... Denis. We add a different perspective to everything


Favorite class at UNT   My Public Administration classes. I love those. They were the turning point in my educational career


What was the last class that made you think   The first day of college... History... 8am class and we had a list of about 50 dates to start memorizing... I started thinking right then and there


Have you had your 15 min yet   As a punter? No, never! But you understand that. If I didn’t like what I do then I wouldn’t do it. If I was looking for fame I would have played another position. With punting, it is not fame, but staying consistent and gaining others trust in your abilities


Favorite or Underdog   I have always liked being the underdog. It is fun to be underestimated and come out and pop someone in the face with a win. It is a chance to prove that you are better than people think you are


Any other position   If I had the size and athletic ability then I would want to play linebacker. When I was in high school and the same size as everybody else that is what I played and it was fun. You get to see everything and you are involved in every play to some extent. It is just smashmouth


Any pre-game rituals   Wake up... we have had the same breakfast for the past 5 years we have been here... after breakfast I take a nap... when I out I try to jog the four corners of the field... but the weirdest thing is that after warm up I change my socks


Teammate for the day    It would be fun to be Adrian Awasom. I would be taller than everyone and strong. I could dominate anyone on the team. Or Markeith Knowlton... I wonder what it is like to run that fast... I admire people with extreme athletic ability


How does your coach motivate you? Coach Seroka really helps me out. When I make a mistake he knows I know what I did wrong... he tells me to try things that are totally irrelevant to what I am doing... I try that and then I kick well... it is all mental. The other coaches don’t say anything. They know that kicking is all mental and we are all head cases anyway.  



Check back tomorrow when you can find out what TV show Evan Cardwell never misses. To catch Brad Kadlubar, Evan Cardwell and the rest of the Mean Green in action against Texas on Sept. 4 call the North Texas ticket office at 800-UNT-2366!

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