In The Huddle with... Andy Brewster

In the Huddle is counting down the days to kickoff against Texas in the season opener on Sept. 4!  With 7 days remaining we have begun a new feature called "In the Huddle" where you can get the inside story on your favorite North Texas football player.  Each day leading up to the season-opener a different Mean Green football player will be highlighted on  We're not talking X's and O's with your favorite players, we're getting the scoop on their personal life and what they really think of their teammates!  Come back each day for insightful information like what is Adrian Awasom's guilty pleasure... or who does Andy Brewster consider to be the worst dressed teammate!  Today's spotlight is on...   


Andy Brewster Center 6-2  275

 Senior Midland, TX


First Pet   Molly, a golden retriever. She was run over by my school bus, but we had her for like 10 years. She was a good pet.


Biggest phobia   Spiders. They flip me out. I hate them! That and drowning. They both scare me.


CD on Repeat  Hank Williams Sr - my favorite song is Lonesome Blues.


Guilty Pleasure  Playing sneaky tricks on people.


Have you had your 15 min yet   I don’t think I have had it yet, but I don’t think I want it either. I want to live the simple life. I

don’t want anything too extravagant.


Favorite class at NT  Serial Homicide. It was very disturbing and gory, but it was fun because we watched a lot of videos about stuff that you never see. It was sick actually.


Breakfast of champions  Frosted Flakes, Eggs and French Toast... all of them together.


Favorite or Underdog  Underdog. I have been in that position my whole life. People look down on you because you are not up to par on what they think. They don’t see it coming, and when you do win, it makes the achievement more glorious.


Any other position  Cornerback... I have always wanted to play that position.


Who would play you in a movie  Justin Claborn would be me.


Pre-game rituals  None at all. I am not superstitious at all. Whatever happens, happens. I don’t believe on knocking on wood or cats running across you or anything else.

Who would you take in a cross country trip  I would take Evan Cardwell because he is a small-town guy. He would be fun.

How does your coach motivate you  My coaches know how to push my buttons to get me motivated.


Check back tomorrow when you can find out how James Mitchell is motivated by his coaches. To catch Andy Brewster, James Mitchell and the rest of the Mean Green in action against Texas on Sept. 4 call the North Texas ticket office at 800-UNT-2366!

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