In The Huddle with... T.J. Culberson


In the Huddle is counting down the days to kickoff against Texas in the season opener on Sept. 4!  With 8 days remaining we have begun a new feature called "In the Huddle" where you can get the inside story on your favorite North Texas football player.  Each day leading up to the season-opener a different Mean Green football player will be highlighted on  We're not talking X's and O's with your favorite players, we're getting the scoop on their personal life and what they really think of their teammates!  Come back each day for insightful information like what is Adrian Awasom's guilty pleasure... or who does Andy Brewster consider to be the worst dressed teammate!  Today's spotlight is on...   


T.J. Culberson Wide Receiver  5-10 164

 Senior Southlake, TX


First Pet   A cocker spaniel named Kujo


Biggest phobia   Sharks... I don’t like them at all. I can handle sky diving or anything else, but not sharks


Guilty Pleasure   I eat too many sweets. I love skittles. I have a sweet tooth, and I can’t help it


Must See TV When the Cowboys play... I never miss a game


Favorite class at UNT   Anatomy and Physiology. It was the hardest class but the most interesting. I think I can use it later on in my career as a coach. I had to work so hard in that class.


Breakfast of Champions   Cinnamon Toast... my girlfriend makes the best cinnamon toast... that does it for me.


If you didn’t have practice then where would you be   Playing golf with my buddies


First Football  My dad got me a ball when I was in 3rd grade.


Favorite or Underdog Underdog. There is less room for error. You have already been picked to lose and your job is to prove them otherwise. I would love to be an underdog every time.


What super power would you want    I would want the ability to time travel. I wouldn’t want to go back and change things, but just to watch them happen again and enjoy the excitement. We often take for granted things that happen. Things that change your life like my sisters being born or small things like the senior prom.


Who would you like to be for a day   Patrick Cobbs. He has a lot going for him and he is a good kid. Just to see how it feels to be the leading rusher in the nation would be neat.


Who would you take in a cross country trip   Johnny Quinn, Zach Muzzy, Scott Hall, James Mitchell and Jonathan Jusiewicz. We all sit around at the dinner table and laugh, so those guys would be fun.


How does your coach motivate you   Coach Gaily pushes us to do better everyday. He always has a positive attitude. He applauds you when you do good stuff and when you don't do well he teaches before he yells. Coach Dickey knows how to win and he has his goals set. Then it is up to us to meet those goals. He is very motivating when he talks and he gets you pumped up because he is very direct about what he says.



Check back tomorrow when you can find out how James Mitchell is motivated by his coaches. To catch Andy Brewster, James Mitchell and the rest of the Mean Green in action against Texas on Sept. 4 call the North Texas ticket office at 800-UNT-2366!

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