In the Huddle with... Andy Blount

In the Huddle is counting down the days to kickoff against Texas in the season opener on Sept. 4!  With 10 days remaining we have begun a new feature called "In the Huddle" where you can get the inside story on your favorite North Texas football player.  Each day leading up to the season-opener a different Mean Green football player will be highlighted on  We're not talking X's and O's with your favorite players, we're getting the scoop on their personal life and what they really think of their teammates!  Come back each day for insightful information like what is Adrian Awasom's guilty pleasure... or who does Andy Brewster consider to be the worst dressed teammate!  Today's spotlight is on...   


Andy Blount Tight End 6-4 240

 Senior Bandera, TX


15 Minutes of Fame Yet  I hope not... but I have had some good moments. None of them have lasted 15 minutes... more like 30 seconds of fame.


Phobia I don’t like rodents... rats, mice, roaches, spiders... anything like that gets around me and I get pretty scared.


Brain Teaser  Ms. Taylor’s Rhetorical Criticism class. I went into the class, and I didn’t even know what “rhetorical” meant. The class really helped out my vocabulary. When I go home my girlfriend thinks I am semi-smart now.


Cross Country Road Trip  I would take Scott Hall, Tommy Harrison, Adrian Awasom, Jason May and definitely Patrick Cobbs. You have to throw Weston Thaggard in there for a little entertainment. He likes to sing and have fun.


Must See TV ESPN, but King of Queens is up there too.


Who Would Play You in a Movie  Brad Pitt is pretty cute... I think he could pull me off.


Favorite or Underdog Both of them are respectable, but if you go in as the underdog then it is more challenging. I think playing a game against Texas is an awesome situation. Some say that North Texas doesn’t have a chance. And the only people who say we do are us guys out here who are busting our tails at practice. I want to be the underdog team in front of 80,000 people. That’s why I came here.


Pre-Game Every game I still wear this old gray t-shirt that I got from a quarterback in Bandera. It has the old letters that are spray painted on. It is just a thin old worn out shirt, but I wear it every game.


Motivation  This year we have Coach Atterberry as our new position coach and he is very strong with his words. He puts a lot of emphasis on life after football. He also focuses on work ethic. With him, you can mess up your assignment and you can mess up your technique, but if you put in honest effort something good is going to happen. Coach Dickey has always been a man of his word. I know that if anything came up and I needed him, Dickey would be there for me on or off the field. He is definitely a guy who would go to battle for you.


Check back tomorrow when you can find out what television classic senior safety Markeith Knowlton never misses!  To catch Andy Blount, Markeith Knowlton and the rest of the Mean Green in action against Texas on Sept. 4 call the North Texas ticket office at 800-UNT-2366! 



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