Carl Sprock

Carl Sprock (8/12/05)
Carl Sprock earned three letters on the North Texas football team from 1982 through 1985 as a defensive reserve. Carl was originally from southwestern Pennsylvania and began his career at Temple University before coming to Denton. His childhood home is only two miles from the location of the Flight 93 crash on September 11th. Though Carl was never a starter, he did play a large role on the defense and on special teams during his three years, including the 1983 Southland Conference Championship team.

Carl is now the founder and owner of a successful logistics company in Springboro, Ohio, which is also where he resides with his wife Jennifer their three children: Dylan (10), Caitie Jo (7) and David (6). Dylan is already exhibiting football talent as well as he has started at both fullback and middle linebacker for his youth football team the last two years.

Carl expressed his fondness for North Texas when he said, "The friends and relationships from my career at North Texas are invaluable. I continue to support the Mean Green Footbal program, and enjoy every opportunity I have to get together with the guys and their families. I am fortunate that my business brings me to the Metroplex every couple months so that I can stay current with the Mean Green and Friends."



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