Live Blog On Sunday, Dodge Days From Denton Part XIV

Q & A
5:48 p.m.

Bob from Denton
Q: What’s the biggest concern- the recent rash of injuries or the players that have left the program this summer?
A: I would say both, but the injuries are the most pressing concern right now. You never like to have players leave the program but the one’s that are injured at the moment have to be a worry. The good news for North Texas is there hasn’t been anything devastating or season-ending up to this point (find some wood).


Harold from Ft. Myers, FL
Q: What position has the most depth heading into the season?

A: The obvious one is wide receiver but I’m going to go a different route and say running back. You’ve got two guys in Micah Mosely and Cam Montgomery who are going to get a lot of touches this year. And you can’t forget about freshman Lance Dunbar or Jeremi Mathis. Another name to follow is Keronna Henderson. He’s a guy who can line-up just about anywhere and is a tough fullback type of player.

A very early morning hello
12:17 a.m.
Well its kind of Sunday morning, but we thought we would get a head start on the off-day for the players. The DFW area has something cooking with the name Phillips and North Texas. Wade Phillips made an appearance at Todd Dodge’s camp last year, you’ve got Matt Phillips the QB, heck even Troy Phillips from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram covers the team. So we’ve got a special feature on Jeremy Phillips and his brother Jason, a linebacker at TCU. Later we will have some mail questions, but for now enjoy a special feature on brothers.

Eli Manning has Peyton. Billy Ripken had Cal. Dan McGwire had Mark and North Texas’ Jeremy Phillips has TCU’s Jason Phillips. All of these brother combinations share a common bond in that they had one brother overshadow the other for at least a moment in time, in some cases their careers. When Jason signed on at North Texas this past spring, he did so with a goal in mind that he no longer wants to be known as just’ Jason’s brother, he wants to make a name for himself. -More-

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