Practice In The Rain: Wed. Tweets & Treats

In our efforts to bring you the best coverage of North Texas football, we will be giving you Tweets & Treats from around the Mean Green during fall camp (Mon., Wed., Fri.). Let us know if you want us to touch on anything specific, and enjoy this insider's take on the happenings around Apogee.

Wednesday's Treats

• Overnight rain throughout North Texas, and a steady drizzle all morning, sent the Mean Green packing for the artificial turf of Apogee Stadium. Not that the players mind much. Coaches let the players crank up the stadium's sound system during warmups.

• Two things that coach Mac can't get enough of: fundamentals and repetition. As he flies around the field to each position group, coach Mac preaches that message. That means that he wants as little down time between each rep as possible, and use the correct techniques. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

• Ever wondered what a herd of buffalo sounds like? Well the Mean Green offensive line tried their best to sound like one. During O-Line individual work, Coach Simmonds had his players lined up against the Apogee Stadium brick, another one was in front of them and the player leaning on the bricks would punch or "jam" his fellow lineman.

• Tight end Andrew Power has picked up deep snapping, and he has his brother to thank for it. His brother, James, is the deep snapper at Marshall and taught his older brother the trade during Christmas this past year. Power was unable to work on it this spring because of his shoulder injury, but this fall he is feeling more comfortable with it. Unfortunately they won't get a chance to meet up in a C-USA game since Andrew is a senior, while James is just a sophomore.

• Chad Polk, after laying out Chaz Sampson yesterday (along with himself) was back at it today. This time Brandin Byrd took a big stick on a crossing route, which drew the ire of DC John Skladany.

Wednesday's Tweets

• Robert Lewis (Jr., LB) - @RL_3x : GM! pratice@9.#blessedto be playing this sport. Take full advantage of this day, because you never know when it'll be your last.

• Former Mean Green RB Lance Dunbar -‏@Dunbar_CDB5: I will be back on the field Thursday

• Marcus Trice (Jr., DB) - @Just got word that I'll be interviewing fans and have a camera following me Saturday after our scrimmage! Pure comedy I assure you!#GMG

• K.C. Obi (Sr., DE) - @kobi_48: U got to love to do it at this level or u won't make it only the strong survive!

• @llkooaj: #Shoutout to Cowboys and Mean Green football team feel like they gonna prove a lot of people wrong this year... #BuildingPrograms

• Mean Green fan Rachel Wolpert - @kdraspberry: Ready for some Mean Green football!!!! #caw #GMG #ilovethisschool

• Marcus Trice (Jr., DB) - @begreat_8: Today's Shirt. Take advantage of your gift today, whatever it may be! Remember, whom much is given, much is

• Marcus Trice (Jr., DB) - @begreat_8: Forcing yourself to eat. #CampLife

• Derek Thompson (Jr., QB) - @derekthompson_7: Gettin harder and harder to get up every morning but we got work to do...time to get better as a team

• Connor Trussell (Fr., OL) - @connortrussell: First practice of the day coming up! #CircleDrill #GoMeanGreen

• Derek Akunne (So., LB) - @freaksn_geeks: Man I feel like during camp I have no idea whats going on in the world outside of Mean Green Football lol

• Derek Akunne (So., LB) - @freaksn_geeks: Well, a win's a win. GO COWBOYS! And s/o to jamize olawale!! #MeanGreenFamily



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