Live Blog In The Rain, Dodge Days From Denton Part XII

TV Time
4:15 p.m.

While it was a slow day on the field in terms of action during the walk through, CBS 11 was up shooting some of practice and spoke to a few Mean Green players afterwards. There is also a really nice feature on wide receiver Casey Fitzgerald in the can (TV term, not what you’re thinking) at Channel 8 that is expected to air soon.

DeLoach's Diary

12:31 p.m.
Yes we finally caught up with new (old) defensive coordinator Gary DeLoach for a brief chat about some upcoming items. Not as demonstrative as DeLoach on the field, but insightful none the less.

On how the defense has progressed

“Its still a work in progress and I would like to see more consistency in our play, but we are getting there.”


Working newcomers in

“We are working a lot of people including the freshman and seeing if they can handle it or not. Its difficult for everyone because its still new to them.”

“The injuries to Draylen and Germaine have hurt us a bit and that’s forced us to move (Craig) Robertson around a bit.”


Overall feel for 2008 

“My main goal is to be better and improve each week. We don’t want to set lofty goals. We just need to work on our execution and get better.


Depth Chart 

“I don’t really have a depth chart right now but I think we will have our top 22 by next Wednesday.”

Familiar face
12:09 p.m.

For the second time in as many days one of the faces from the past made their way to a North Texas practice. Former defensive coach Chuck Mills stopped by for a few minutes during today’s walk through. Mills caught up with some of the coaches and probably wanted to check in on the turf that he helped North Texas install at Fouts Field a few years back.

Hands On

11:30 a.m.

Former QB, Coach Dodge, has been very involved in today’s walkthrough not just with the offense, but also with the D. Dodge lined up as if he was one of the defenders and also broke the huddle with the rest of the players. Most of the drills involved gap assignments and pass coverage. Defensive coordinator, Gary DeLoach, reminded his D, “Get down, get into your stance, and be ready to play.”


Walking this way
11:01 a.m.

Ever wondered what a walk through is like? Me neither, but that’s what the Mean Green has on the schedule for today. Its just helmets, no pads today. Today’s exercise appears to be an effort to make sure everyone pays attention to the small details from where they need to be to where they should line-up.


Breaking news today will only occur if someone actually gets hit.

Signal Caller
10:04 a.m.
Matt Phillips is one of the best, so is Nathan Tune, Daniel Meager, Riley Dodge, and even Giovanni Vizza has had a little work. We’re not talking about taking snaps from under center, were talking about signaling in the plays from the sideline.

It’s the ancient art of deception and trickery and North Texas has it’s share of codes, signals, movements, and downright dance moves to signal in a play. We got a chance to be up close and personal to every involved in the process last night. To protect the innocent and integrity of the process we won’t divulge everything we learned.

On any given series there can be up to three sets of signals being sent from the sideline to the quarterback. The coach responsible for the calls will tell either set of signal callers what he wants them to signal in. Are you wondering which one the QB is suppose to follow yet? Depending upon the situation, there could be up to two “dummy” signalers and the real one.

Last night Matt Phillips was our “dummy”, but not literally. After going through a set of what looked like gyrations, dance moves, and pantomime activities the deception was done and the play run.

After the play is over, the process starts all over again.

A wet one
9:39 a.m.
It’s a rainy one in Denton today so instead of a full blown practice it will be just a simple walk through for the Mean Green in preparation for the scrimmage tomorrow morning. The walk through is at 11 a.m. from Fouts.

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