MGRN Announces All-Time Team

DENTON- 1995, a year to remember in the sports world. Cal Ripken played in his 2,131 consecutive game, Joe Montana retired from the NFL, Michael Jordan came out of retirement for the first time, Cigar raced to a perfect season in horse racing, and North Texas returned to the ranks of the Division I-A college football.


In conjunction with North Texas entering its 12th season since returning to Division I-A football, the Mean Green Radio Network is unveiling its all-time team of Mean Green football players from 1995 to the present.


Over the next three days, the MGRN will unveil a different part of the team. In conjunction with the team, audio highlights from the years 1997-2005 will be available to for fans to listen to. Today the MGRN announces the all-time players on offense.




Wide Receivers

1st team: Johnny Quinn (03-Present) and Troy Redwine (93-95)

2nd team: George Marshall (00-02) and Broderick McGrew (96-99)



1st team: J.R. Randall (99-02), Vinny Patterson (96-99)

2nd team: Brad Winn (97-98) and Robert Waddle (94-97)



1st team: Nick Zuniga (00-03), Dylan Lineberry (04-Present)

2nd team: Laymonde Lee (95-98) and David Morgan (97-99)


1st team: Andy Brewster (01-04)
2nd team: Philip Armour (95-98) 


Tight End

1st team: Jeff Muenchow (99-02)
2nd team: Andy Blount (01-04)


1st team: Scott Hall (00-04)
2nd team: Jason Mills (94-95)



1st team: Michael Hickmon (99-02)

2nd team: Justin Claborn (00-03)



1st team: Patrick Cobbs (01-05)

2nd team: JaQuay Wilburn (97-00)





1st team: Adrian Awasom (01-04) and Corbin Montgomery (97-98)

2nd team: Ron Paris (98-01) and Darrell Daniels (01-02)



1st team: Brandon Kennedy (00-03) and Brian Waters (95-98)

2nd team: Michael Pruitt (03-04) and Scott Murphy (95-96)



1st team: Brad Kassell (98-01), Cody Spencer (01-03),Chris Hurd (00-03)

2nd team: Taylor Casey (00-03), Ron Boston (96-97), Brett Renfro (93-96)



1st team: Don McGee (99-02) and Phillip Littlejohn (95-98)

2nd team: D.T. Woodson (96-99) and Walter Priestley (01-04)


Strong Safety

1st team: Craig Jones (00-03)

2nd team: Heath Moody (97-00)


Free Safety

1st team: Jonas Buckles (01-04)

2nd team: Markeith Knowlton (01-04)

Special teams:


Punt return:

1st team Johnny Quinn (03-Present)

2nd team Ty Jackson (99-01)


Kickoff Return

1st team Brock McGrew (96-99)

2nd team Johnny Quinn (03-Present)



 1st team: Toby Gowin (93-96)

2nd team: John Baker (97-99)


FG Kicker:

1st team: Nick Bazaldua (02-05) 

2nd team: Jason Ball (99-01)


Deep Snapper:

1st team: Tim Christian (94-97)

2nd team: Rusty Beck (01-04)


The panel was comprised of the Mean Green Radio Network (George Dunham, Hank Dickenson, Steven Bartolotta) with input from selected coaches and staff.



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