Apogee's Green Parking Lot Reconfigured For 2014 Football

Aug. 11, 2014

DENTON - To eliminate game-day confusion regarding the numbered parking spaces to the west and north of Apogee Stadium, North Texas is making a change to its former Green Lots for the upcoming football season.

The only changes to Apogee Stadium's game-day parking and the routes into those lots is confined to the lots which were known as Green Lot 1, 2, and 3 a year ago. Some guests parked in at their correct numbered spot but in the wrong Green Lot, displacing other guests. Also, all traffic to the Green Lot came in the same entry point, and that traffic will now be split between two entrances.

This year, the Green parking areas have been divided into three lots labeled Green, Black and White.

The White Lot, located on the southwest corner of the stadium and next to the Athletic Center, will be accessed from Bonnie Brae. The Black Lot, located north of the stadium and next to the Alumni Pavilion, will be accessed from the I-35E frontage road. The Green lot, located on the west side of the stadium, can be accessed from either Bonnie Brae or the 35E frontage road.

The change also gives flexibility for the Mean Green Club's benefits packages.

"I thought we needed another numbered, reserved lot to provide additional benefits for donors at certain levels," explained John Nitardy, senior associate athletic director for development and the executive director of the Mean Green Club.

There are no changes to any of the other game-day lots or the routes into those lots.

Click here for the interactive Apogee Stadium Game-Day Parking Map, which shows all Apogee parking lots and the routes into those lots.



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