A Special One

A Special One

There are probably quite a few athletes who share the same small-town story and background as Mean Green’s freshman wide receiver Desmond Brigham. Few, however, are as proud and thankful as Brigham is towards his hometown of Caddo Mills. Entering this season Brigham felt like he needed to honor his hometown (just over 1,000) in some sort of fashion. He did so by choosing to wear number one on his jersey for the upcoming 2008 season. The number proves to be quite significant because Brigham is the first Division I signee in Caddo Mills history.  

“It means a lot, it’s really a special feeling,” Brigham said towards his accomplishment of making the jump from Caddo Mills to the Mean Green. “The best part about it is you feel like the whole town and community is supporting you all the way.”

The 6’1”, 176 pound wide receiver drew a vast amount of interest coming out of high school from some of the upper echelon programs in the country, including Missouri, Arkansas and Iowa State. However, the appeal of being closer to home and the style of offense made North Texas an easy choice for Brigham’s future. “Coach Dodge really sold me coming here because what he brings to the table,” Brigham said. “He wants to create a new tradition around here and hopefully I can be a part of that. Also, I’m only 60 miles from home so that always helps.”

Throughout high school, Brigham also played basketball and certainly had a hard decision to make on whether he wanted to pursue football or the hardwood. He averaged just over 18 points per game in his career and was one of the key ingredients to leading the Foxes to a No. 1 state ranking in 2A. “Basketball was my first love,” he said. “Everyone in town thought I was going to go that direction after high school but I fell in love with football and I know I made the right decision.”

Though he lacks ideal size, Brigham is quite the athlete. Along with basketball and football, he did the high jump at Caddo Mills and once jumped 6 feet 10 inches. According to Brigham, it is this unique athleticism that will give him the advantage come Saturday’s. “I think my versatility is what separates me with other guys my size,” he said. “I have the ability to jump pretty high so I like my chances in a jump ball opportunity and I’m also pretty fast.”

When asked who he patterned his game after, Brigham responded by saying his uncle Jamaica Rector, the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver who now resides in Tempe with the Arizona Cardinals. “He gave me some advice and basically said just go hard and go after it day after day,” Brigham said. “He said show coaches what you’re capable of doing.”

Although Brigham has lofty expectations for himself, he also realizes that it takes sacrifice and he’s willing to do whatever it takes. “I’m ready to help this team in any area,” he said. “Whether it’s playing wide receiver or special teams, I’ll do anything for the team.”  




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