North Texas Holds 2007 Media Day

DENTON, Texas (8/8/07) -The University of North Texas hosted its annual football media day Wednesday afternoon at the North Texas Athletic Center. Players and coaches met with members of the media from 11:30 a.m. till 2 p.m.


Quotes from head coach Todd Dodge:

On the upcoming season

“One thing I’m really excited about is the potential that this program has to really take off. The thing I’m challenging my players and coaches with is that we have the opportunity to do some really special things.”


On the Mean Green defense

“We have a lot of experience returning on the defensive side of the ball. In the positions we’re good at, we’re going to need for them to be good.”


On the battle for the starting quarterback position

“We’ll name a starter after the second scrimmage. We’re going to name a starter and be behind him completely. Once we get one, we’re expecting him to be our guy.”


Quotes from senior linebacker Maurice Holman:

On returning to the New Orleans Bowl

“I want to get back bad. It’s on national television so everyone can watch. Both my grandparents and dad can watch, so it’s very exciting.”


On the upcoming season

“We’re locked and loaded and ready to get down. Everyone is pumped about a new season.”


Quotes from all-conference defensive end Jeremiah Chapman:

On moving to a 4-3 defense

“It’ll be a little easier for me this year with the new defensive set. I’ll be head up against either a tight end or tackle, much like I was in high school, so it’s a more natural feel for me.”


On putting more pressure on the quarterback

“All we can go off so far is practice, but we’ve really focused on running to the ball. You can never over-emphasize that. I don’t think offenses will know where the pressure is coming from so it’ll make it easier for me to make plays.”


On the new offensive style from a defensive standpoint

“If they’re putting points on the board like we expect them to do, it will make our job a lot easier. It takes a lot of pressure off us to force a three-and-out every series.”


Quotes from running back Jamario Thomas

On running the spread offense

“The play calling is definitely different and takes a little time getting use to. Coach Dodge is putting everyone in position to make plays so that’s the fun part about it all. The biggest thing between this offense from last season’s is the amount of blocking that the running back has to do. That’s an area of my game that I’ve worked hard to improve”


On his senior year

“Just like everyone on the team, my goal is to win the conference championship. I really want to accomplish that again before my career here is finished.”



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