Coach Dodge

Coach Todd Dodge


Opening Statement

"This is a young, talented football team and its going to be that way. There are some of these guys that I’m going to talk about today that I will be talking about in three years and that’s exciting.  We are much more athletic as a football team when these freshman set foot on campus Saturday".


On The Secondary

"We are looking for great things from Craig Robertson and Antoine Bush this year".


On the Season Opener

"Our opener against Kansas State is a game that we are really excited about and feel like that game is an opportunity for us".


Starting Quarterback

"Giovanni is our number one guy at quarterback and he will be the starting quarterback at Kansas State".

Riley Dodge

“With Riley (Dodge) like anyone else that is a freshman, we’ve got 21 days to make a decision about whether or not to redshirt him".


On Giovanni Vizza

"He will be a much smarter quarterback this year because he can see himself on video from last year. We try and show him the good on the video. He has to continue to completely understand the offense on where the check downs are and improve on those which he has".


The Running Backs

"Mosey is a veteran who is still getting better, we’ve got a real game-breaker in Montgomery, a real quick back in Dunbar, and a really physical, bruising type back in Mathis".


Offensive Line/Nate Jenkins

"We needed to add some overall size to our offensive line, and we did that, but we also need to cut some of that girth down just a bit. Nate is a pretty amazing guy to watch, especially to see him move the way that he does, he’s quite an athlete even at 370 pounds".


Kylie Hill

"He is a really good football player and a great student. If we kicked it off today, he’s our starting free safety".




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