Mean Green Holds Third Annual Football 101 For Women

DENTON (8/3/07) - More then 150 women attended the third annual North Texas Football 101 on Thursday night at the Mean Green Athletic Center. Mean Green head coach Todd Dodge, his staff and players, participated in the event.

The highlight of the evening is always the fashion show and this year was no different. Players came out dressed in practice attire, warm-up attire and game-day home and away uniforms. The women received a sneak peak at the new Under Armour game-day uniform and the white helmet.

Assistant equipment manager Dick Miller went through various parts of the uniform, showing what was new for the 2007 season and how his staff keeps the player safe. For home games, the team will wear green tops and white pants, while on the road the players will be in all white.

Head coach Todd Dodge gave an overview of what he and his staff have done since his arrival in December. He talked about his very first meeting with the returning players and what the team accomplished in the spring.

Offensive coordinator Todd Ford followed and discussed the spread offense that the fans will see in the fall. Official Duval West, dressed in complete uniform, came up to demonstrate a few of the offensive penalties, including holding and delay of game. Defensive coordinator Ron Mendoza was next with a run through of the defense.

A players panel answered questions from the crowd. Montey Kennerson-Stevenson, Derek Mendoza, Daniel Meager, Brandon Jackson and Truman Spencer answered questions about the challenges of practice, what other positions they would like to play and what they are looking forward to this season.

Todd Dodge, and his wife, Elizabeth, wrapped up the evening with a question and answer session of their own. They talked about their children, the differences at North Texas since the last time they lived in Denton, and how they handle all the media attention.

The Football 101 is one of two events that the athletic department is hosting this week. On Saturday, August 4, fans can pick up their season tickets at the Mean Green Kick-off Cookout at the athletic department.

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