Goes Mobile

DENTON, Texas (7/30/08) - Mean Green fans on the go now have a new way to find North Texas athletic updates with the release of the mobile version of Available at, this site will feature stories, scores and schedules.

If you are away from home and not near a computer, Mean Green fans can access in a very basic format from your mobile phone internet browser. Just type in: and find out the latest news and scores.


What is a WAP site?  Courtesy of Wikipedia:


WAP is an open international standard for applications that use wireless communication. Its principal application is to enable access to the Internet from a mobile phone or PDA.

A WAP browser provides all of the basic services of a computer based web browser but simplified to operate within the restrictions of a mobile phone. The Japanese i-mode system is another major competing wireless data protocol.

WAP sites, are websites written in, or dynamically converted to, WML (Wireless Markup Language) and accessed via the WAP browser.

Before the introduction of WAP, service providers had extremely limited opportunities to offer interactive data services. Interactive data applications are required to support now commonplace activities such as:

  • email by mobile phone
  • tracking of stock market prices
  • sports results
  • news headlines
  • music downloads



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