Football Preview - Quarterback Riley Dodge

Riley Dodge

Height:  6-0

Class: RS Freshman

Signed: 2007 from Southlake High School

2008 Key Stat:  3… Dodge only saw action in three games as a receiver.  With that being the case, he was able to pickup a medical redshirt, and return in 2009 with the eligibility of a freshman.

Why he will start: With a firm grip on the starting job going in to fall camp and knowledge of the offense already, Dodge find ways to improve during camp and takes the starting position into the season.

Why he won’t start: Nathan Tune steps up during fall camp, improving his skill and understanding of the offense, while Dodge has just a lackluster performance showing no real improvement.

Overall:  The quarterback position is pretty solid.  Dodge has a higher understanding of the North Texas offense after having the spring and offense to prepare to lead this team come August. With his arm strength, mobility and intuition, Dodge can be a leader on this team and take this offense to new heights.  The playmaking should be seen from the start of the season and improve throughout as Dodge gets his legs under him as a starting quarterback at a Division 1 football program.   



North Texas Mean Green