The Mean Green And Alex's Lemonade Stand

DENTON (7/12/05) - Join the Mean Green at the Denton Outlaws baseball game to help raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand and Pediatric Cancer Research on Tuesday, July 19 at 7:30 pm at the Ballpark on Bonnie Brae in Denton.

North Texas football head coach Darrell Dickey will start the evening off by throwing out the first pitch. Throughout the evening, fans can stop by the Lemonade Stand, hosted by Tory and Meredith Dickey, to purchase an ice-cold beverage. All proceeds will benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand and Pediatric Cancer Research. Donations are made in honor of Madie McElroy.

Young North Texas fans can take this time to sign up for the Jr. Mean Green Club at a nearby Mean Green tent. Sign up at the game while drinking a glass of lemonade or return your application in the mail.

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Alex’s Lemonade Stand
Alexandra "Alex" Scott was the 8-year-old founder of Alex’s Lemonade Stand For Pediatric Cancer Research. Two days before her first birthday she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer. At the age of four, Alex decided to do something to make that cure more likely. She opened her first lemonade stand in July of 2000 with the idea of donating the proceeds to "her hospital." Each year since, Alex has held an annual lemonade stand in her front yard. As word has spread, donations have poured in from around the world, and she has raised over $2,500,000 for pediatric cancer.

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