Hunt, Kill, Eat - Mean Green Go To Bootcamp

July 17, 2015

Mean Green football players went through a bootcamp-style workout Friday. (photo by David Pyke)

DENTON - North Texas strength and conditioning coach Lewis Caralla scheduled a change of pace Friday in the Mean Green football team's off-season conditioning: a bootcamp with former and current members of the United States armed forces.

Taking place at the North Texas practice fields, the bootcamp was run by Edward Harper and Daniel Sanderford, 10-year veterans of the United States Marines, members of Force Reconnaissance and snipers who now operate VX Marksmanship, a tactical firearms training facility in Decatur.

Photo Gallery of the Mean Green Bootcamp

Joining Harper and Sanderford were two current members of the United States Army, staff sergeant Clinton Lightfoot and staff sergeant Christopher Davis, both of whom spent 27 months deployed in Iraq.

There were few props and no mud-filled obstacle courses. There was no gun fire, just the buzzing of dragonflies flitting over the practice fields and the bellowing of the drill instructors in 90-plus degree heat. This was not combat training, nor teaching new exercise techniques. This day was about discipline, about conquering the players' own limits, overcoming physical discomfort, and pushing through and beyond those limits.

And throughout came the admonition from Harper: hunt, kill, eat. Find the opponent, defeat the opponent, and recover.

The bootcamp began with a simple warm up, a one-mile run - with a twist. Each player took a small mouthful of water at the beginning of the run, with the command to not swallow it. The run was broken into four segments, and in between those segments the players went through pushups and mountain-climbers. More than 20 players made it through the run and pushups without swallowing the water.

From there came dead-leg crawls, rope pulls, a three-man carry. And throughout it all, pushups, pushups, pushups.

By the end of session, no player was forced to drop out, and, with teammates pushing, cajoling, and encouraging one another, no player failed to complete the drills.



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