The Under Armour Contract

The North Texas football team has entered an agreement with athletic apparel company Under Armour for the 2007 season.  The team will be outfitted from head to toe with Under Armour wear, including shoes, socks, pants, jerseys, gloves and wrist bands.  North Texas is one of only five college football programs to have such a deal with the popular performance gear, joining Auburn, Maryland, South Carolina and Texas Tech.


The Under Armour shoes that Mean Green players will wear come in five different models.  Players will have the option of wearing molded-bottom cleats, or screw-in cleats depending on personal preference and the playing surface.  There are also different shoes for the different positions that the players play.  The speed shoes (see picture) are low-cut and lightweight, which is preferred by skill position players like wide receivers and defensive backs. There are also versatile mid-level cleats and the most-supportive high-top cleats that are designed for interior offensive and defensive linemen. 


It is the first time in recent history, Mean Green players will be outfitted exclusively by one company.  In the past, players might have had shoes, pants, jerseys and gloves all made by different companies.   The agreement with Under Armour does not end with the players game-day attire.  The Mean Green will also be wearing practice gear including shorts, sweats and warm-ups from Under Armour.  Coaches will also be outfitted in Under Armour for both practice and game-day. 


To purchase your own North Texas Under Armour apparel visit, the official retailer of North Texas Athletics.


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