Fouts Field Turf Project Remains On Schedule

(06/27/05) - The Fouts Field turf renovation is nearing the midway point and is on schedule to be completed in time for the North Texas football home opener.


Crews are currently tilling and compressing the soil to help stabilize the field's base. This will ensure a smooth surface and will prevent the field from developing lumps over time.


After the tilling, liners will be placed over the soil and layers of crushed stone will be laid down before the Sportexe OmniGrass turf system is installed.   


The Mean Green has made a habit of playing on Sportexe's state-of-the-art surface at the Wyndham New Orleans Bowl. Sportexe installed the Louisiana Superdome field in the summer of 2004.


The OmniGrass system is a 100-percent rubber infill surface that has proven to be one of the safest and most durable playing fields in the world.


The Mean Green will play its first game on the new surface against Tulsa on September 17.


North Texas Mean Green