Mean Green Is Honored At Denton Chamber of Commerce Star Awards

DENTON, Texas (6/15/09) - The Mean Green went 3-for-3 at the Denton Chamber of Commerce Star Awards at the Gateway Center on Friday night. North Texas Athletic Director Rick Villarreal, Deputy Director Hank Dickenson and Associate Athletic Director for the Annual Fund Mandy McKinley were nominated for awards, and all three went home with hardware.

The event, Star Awards V, was sponsored by the Denton Chamber of Commerce.  The purpose of the event was to publicly recognize and honor over 100 local individuals for their efforts in 17 different community service categories, and raise additional cash to help the chamber carry out its four-phase long-range plan, originally adopted in 1993.

The overall theme and format was similar to the Academy of Motion Picture awards.   Although the categories in which these individuals were nominated were factual and serious, the presentations were purposely intended to be enjoyable and entertaining.

Villarreal won for outstanding cinematography, which honored an executive with exemplary vision. He is a past winner of the Otis Fowler Award, presented annually by the Denton Chamber of Commerce.

Dickenson won the outstanding supporting actor award, which recognized community service over and above the original expectations of the organization. He is currently the Vice Chair of the Chamber of Commerce Board and will take over as the organization’s chief voluntary officer next year.

McKinley received the rising star award, which recognized exemplary service carried out by an individual who has recently emerged.



North Texas Mean Green