Five NT Sports Post Perfect '12 APR Scores

June 12, 2013

DENTON, Texas - -

The NCAA released its annual Academic Progress Report (APR) this week, which further illustrated North Texas’ continued commitment to excellence in the classroom.

Five sports posted perfect 1,000 single-year APR scores (men’s and women’s golf, women’s cross country, softball and tennis), while football (951), men’s basketball (964) and men’s golf (992) achieved their all-time high multi-year APR mark.

The APR is the NCAA's measurement of academic success that aims to give a real-time snapshot of athlete retention and advancement over a four-year period. The NCAA mandates a four-year aggregate score of 900 as acceptable for each sport. This year’s report measures the 2008-09 through 2011-12 academic years.

Football showed improvement for a fourth straight year with a record-high multi-year score of 951. Its 2011-12 single-year mark of 966 is not only the highest since the inception of the APR in 2004-05, but is better than the national average (949) and even the national average for private institutions across the country (964).

Women’s golf and tennis logged perfect 1,000 single-year scores for a third-straight season. Tennis has held a 992 or higher multi-year score for three straight years.



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